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Finally, here is an unofficial website (it's simple but effective) dedicated to the fantastic Susie Dent, for all you obsessives out there who want to know more about her!! Enjoy!

Born on 21st September 1967*, Susie Dent has worked as a Lexicographer, in "The Dictionary Corner" on channel 4's afternoon quiz show "Countdown" since 1992


*this information may be incorrect

When not working on Countdown Susie was formerly Editorial Director at Oxford University Press before becoming an independant editor and translater. Exactly what that entails, I haven't a clue but it is quite obvious that Susie is very intelligent and if you have ever seen her on Countdown then you will also agree that she is a very friendly and an extremely attractive woman too!

This website is always under construction, so if anyone has anything they wish to contribute to the site, then please email me at

and yes, "hiccupping" is spelt wrong, just to be ironic!

At this very moment in time I'd say that Susie is not famous, that may sound like I'm being a bit mean, but you don't see her on the front of magazines, or being interviewed on every TV show imaginable. Really, the only people who have ever heard of her are people who watch Countdown. Though saying that Susie has recently published three books called "The Language Report", "Larpers and Shroomers" and "Fanboys and Overdogs". Information about the books and interviews with Susie have been published in a few newspapers, she has also appeared on BBC's "Test The Nation", so maybe in the near future, everyone will know who Susie is....

...but until then you can watch Susie on Countdown, weekdays at 3:15pm on Channel 4 or between 5:00am and 5:30am 2 days after each show is broadcast.


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